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Real Life Sessions

As Gord Downie famously sang,

"No dress rehearsal

This is our life"

I love to help families remember their lives by making today's memories tangible for tomorrow. Because we remember what we print.

Cozy up with your loved ones and share in the joy and laughter while looking through a real day from your past, beautifully preserved in an archival album that can be enjoyed for generations to come.     

"Alison captures special moments in a natural way. She has a keen eye for the emotions and interactions that are unique to your family. She is a delight to work with: extremely professional, but also extremely warm and approachable at the same time. Alison is the photographer you want if you are looking for photographs and memories that will be cherished for years to come. I highly recommend her!"

- Japie

Let go of the expected, the assumed. 

Embrace the original and the authentic.

Your family is awesome because there's no other family just like yours.  It's the quirks, the habits, the routines of your family life that make you laugh, cry, and ache for time to just slow down already!

Real Life Sessions lets you be yourselves, enjoy time as a family, and let me worry about making beautiful images that will bring you back to this time.  

Because the little things that are here today are gone tomorrow.  Things that you don't want to forget.

Read more about WHY I do this HERE.

Why Document Your Family?

"I would totally recommend you Alison, and I would tell people that this session is a gift that will never stop giving. You capture moments that are seemingly mundane to us as a family until we see the" Magic "that unravels from your creative eye and passionate heart. This leaves the lucky family completely breathless and in tears as they see their day to day lives as a God given Gift."

- Kristyn


Sessions range from 3 hours to full day coverage.  Prices begin at $900.

I can't wait to meet your family!

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