Women's March On Washington - Calgary - Alison Lapczuk Photography

Alison Lapczuk Photography

Women's March On Washington - Calgary

There are times in your life when you just know you need to show up.  This march really felt that important to me.  When it comes to women & equality, I want to be there.  But it was much more than that.  We are fortunate to live in Canada and enjoy the right to demonstrate publicly.  I celebrate both the right of the estimated 5000 women's rights supporters as well as the 6 Trump supporters that we saw out there last Saturday.  This is a freedom that I value and hope not to take for granted.  

The Rally went beyond just women's rights.  There was support here for the LGBTQIA community, for native peoples, Black Lives Matter, the environment, immigrants, etc.  

I really loved being in that crowd and searching for moments within the melee.  I loved the fact that there seemed to be nearly as many men there as women.  There was joy and enthusiasm and connectedness.  There is something really special about physically being in the presence of others who share a common cause.  It was an exhilirating experience that I will not soon forget.

To learn more about this movement, go to: 


Here are a few of my favourite images from the Rally.  

Alison Lapczuk is a family photographer who specializes in a capturing authentic, undirected, unposed moments.  Real life.   She is accredited with the Professional Photographers of Canada in both Child Study and Fine Art photography.  

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