Hockey Morning with Nana & Papa - Alison Lapczuk Photography

Alison Lapczuk Photography

Hot coffee and a bright October chill greet us as we head out to Springbank for Eliott's Timbits hockey practice.  It's an extra-special day because Nana & Papa (in from Ontario) are here to watch.  Eliott is dying for them to see how far he's come since the spring when they last saw him play.  Sam is ready to claim the entire seating area as his own personal playground...

We weren't sure if signing our first born up for hockey was a good idea.  We have seen other families consumed (happily!) by the commitment.  However, despite the erratic schedule, and the sometimes VERY early practices, it's a commitment that we have come to love.  It's just a great community.

After each practice or game, Eliott loves to make us touch his head to see how sweaty it is.  He is working hard out there!  Sam is impatient to turn 5 years old, so that he can join in the fun.

These are memories to treasure.  But I won't just send them out to virtual pasture here on the web.  They are too important.  The full gallery will be made into a nice book, here in the real world.  Keep printing those memories!

Thank you, Nana & Papa, for making these memories with us.  Take it away, Stompin' Tom...

OH! The good ol' Hockey game, is the best game you can name. And the best game you can name, is the good ol' Hockey game!

- Alison 

A Great Canadian Saturday Morning

Alison Lapczuk is a Calgary-based photographer, accredited by the Professional Photographer of Canada in Child Study and Fine Art photography.  She is fascinated by everyday life and wants her kids (and yours!) to be able to look back at their life with archival quality albums and prints.  

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