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Alison Lapczuk Photography

Halloween with The Lapczuk's

I never buy candy ahead of Halloween - why?  Total lack of will power, that's why;)  Brandon bought some a couple of days ahead and - very wisely -  hid them from me!  But, listen, this post is not about me or my genetic sweet tooth (I'm lookin' at you, Grandpa MacMillan!  You and your homemade maple fudge!)

Costumes are ALWAYS a great investment in our household.  My kids dress up pretty much every time they have a friend over, so we were well prepared for Halloween, with plenty of characters to chose from. 

Eliott wore his "Luke Skywalker" costume to school.  When he got home, he decided he wanted to 'home make' a costume.  So, in all his craftiness, he added a string headband and, VOILA!, he was now a Ninja.  Anyone who called him a Jedi after that moment was promptly corrected.  Gotta love imagination!

Sam  had a great Indiana Jones costume.  It even has the whip, which plays the movie's theme song.  Alas, the all-important hat was inexplicably lost in a mystery location.  Sam's response was simply, "That's okay, I'll just be something else!".  I love his optimistic attitude.  I was more upset about the hat than he was.  But why sweat the small stuff?

I invite you to share this Halloween with us via our photographs.

Now somebody pass me the Swedish Berries.  AaaaaaaOoooooooooo!



Alison is an accredited member of Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC). Her work has been recognized by a National Board of Examiners in the specialties of Fine Art and Child Study. Three of her fine art pieces were chosen to be included in the 2016 National and Provincial Image Salons.

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