Calgary Gymnastics Birthday Party - Alison Lapczuk Photography

Alison Lapczuk Photography

My fellow Calgary parents, I have officially joined the ranks of moms who spoil their kids with a fancy-pants birthday party. And Iā€™m LOVING IT.

Luckily, since I am NOT the type to plan months in advance, I was unable to book the Calgary Gymnastics Centre West location.

Why was this procrastinator lucky? Because the Calgary Gymnastics Centre has a lesser known (new) North location - and it's WAAAY better. Lots of natural light, very clean equipment, same great staff. We were the only people there ā€“ I felt like Tom Cruise at Disneyland or something, booking the whole place for just my kids;). Plus, the instructor was phenomenal. Her name is Deb and she was great with all of the kids, including my nephew who has special needs.

Below are a few of my favourite images from the party. Look for the meditating child ā€“ I laughed out loud at that one.

So, were these kids the sole beneficiaries of this party experience? No. My house stayed nice and clean. Ahhhhhh! Feels so peaceful. And the kids had a blast, everyone was tired and happy, and, as a bonus, we witnessed the most beautiful sunset on our drive home.

Highly recommend! -Ali xo

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