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Embracing Real Memories

‘This is what people want. They want to bottle this up and keep it.’   - Mom (client)

Mother and child quiet time

Why does everyone think they need to pose in the park for family photos?

You don't.

Here’s my elevator pitch: “I photograph what is worth remembering”.

In other words, I don’t want a veil of perfection getting between you and your family’s memories. So, no, you don’t need to follow the crowd and say cheese for the camera.  If you want to cut through to the heart of your family and what really matters,  let me in.

Because in the years to come, the real memories of our family, our kids, is what we will long for. Those little daily routines and rituals. As the days go by, we fight to remember the little things.

My approach is documentary. There is no posing, no directing, no forced smiles. You be you and let me capture that. The result is having images that will make your heart swell and your synapses spark.

...  I recently spent a morning with The Anderson's.  Their youngest daughter was approaching her first birthday, so, for them, that was their cue to book a photography session.  They took a risk and decided to NOT go traditional, but go with me instead.

Immediately following the session here is what my client had to say:

“This has really made me contemplate my life and the moments that make it up.  There are so many “last things” in life and I want to capture them all now and just being part of this process has really brought me to a higher level of awareness.”

After viewing the images, they were moved. Here’s some of what they had to say:

‘This is twenty-five times better than I ever expected. This is how I want to remember my family.’ - Dad

Mom’s advice to others who are contemplating this style of photography for their family:

“The process is something totally new and so you just have to let go and let it happen.” - Mom

I am grateful to this family for letting their guard down and inviting me in.  It was a priviledge for me to be a part of their family that morning.  See a few of my favourites from this family session below.

Alison xo

Do you want professional photographs that will take you back to this time in your life?  I'd love to hear from you.  Drop me a line to inquire at alison@alisonlapczuk.com

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